Course Overview

The CASI Level 2 Instructor certification is for any snowboarder that has passed the Level 1 certification, and has an interest in teaching more experienced snowboarders. CASI recommends that Level 2 candidates have prior experience teaching snowboarding in a snow school setting (approximately 45 hours) before attempting the Level 2 certification. This is not a mandatory requirement, and all Level 1 members are welcomed on the course, however, it is recommended in order to help ensure success on the Level 2 evaluations.

Candidates will receive coaching on their riding and teaching skills, with the goal of reaching the Level 2 standard in both areas. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach snowboarders up to the intermediate level (skills and terrain).

Next Steps

This certification is a pre-requisite for the CASI Level 3 Instructor certification.



Who should take this course?

You should take this course if you are a Level 1 Instructor with some teaching experience, love to teach, and have a desire to take your teaching skills to the next level. You should be confident and comfortable demonstrating intermediate to advanced riding in corresponding terrain.

Am I ready?

The Level 2 Instructor standards require you to pass both riding and teaching evaluations. In order to help you achieve success on the course, we suggest you take the following steps in preparation, if they are available to you:

  • Spend time working as an instructor (CASI recommends at least 45 hours of teaching experience as a Level 1 instructor), honing your communication, analysis and group management skills
  • Attend a session with a current CASI Level 2 Evaluator, to get feedback on your riding ability in relation to the technical standard
  • Complete the Level 2 course preparation workshops
How old do I have to be to take the Level 2 course?

There is no age requirement however, you must be a current Level 1 Instructor.

What will Level 2 get me?

To start with, you’ll get training that will allow you to teach intermediate riders. With this, you’ll get more opportunities to teach higher-end lessons, as well as a pay raise (depending on your resort’s policies).

What do I have to do to pass?

Level 2 instructors need to have solid intermediate riding skills. You should be comfortable riding at moderate speeds on most blue terrain, including blue and black runs. You’ll need to demonstrate that you can carve the snowboard (leaving a “pencil line” in the snow), as well as make short-radius turns on black runs. Teaching wise, you should be comfortable talking in front of a group of experienced riders, and demonstrating intermediate and advanced-level manoeuvres.

Please view the Level 2 standards video and Course Guide so you know the exact standards.

Should I have teaching experience?

Teaching experience helps. If you’ve been teaching beginner lessons for a season or so, you should be fine. CASI recommends that you have experience teaching (approx. 45 hours), in order to help you be successful in Level 2. This is just a recommendation – all Level 1 members are welcome to take the Level 2 certification.

I took the course and only passed part of it, now what do I do?

If you’ve failed either the riding or teaching components of the Level 2 course, you have 2 years from the date of the course to retake the portion failed. The Level 2 re-test is a two-day re-evaluation (if required). If it is the riding component, you’ll attend Day 1 & 2, and if it is the teaching component, Day 3 & 4.