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As a global hub for snowboard education and community, CASI welcomes international enthusiasts, instructors, and organizations to join our Canadian network. Our mission is to inspire the world’s best snowboard instruction, while fostering a sense of unity within the snowboard community.

Read on to get more info on what you can expect as an international instructor in Canada through our frequently asked questions.

I have my Instructor rating from another country, can I teach in Canada?

Yes, some resorts in Canada will hire you to teach, providing you can arrange a work visa. But it is advised that you become a CASI Affiliate member so you are covered under our insurance policy while teaching and free riding. Visit the Government of Canada site here for more information regarding work visas.

To retain their Affiliate membership status, annual dues must be paid. This designation does not imply any CASI level of certification however membership benefits do apply.

If I want to become a CASI Instructor do I get any credit for my other certification(s)?

International instructors (members of ISIA-recognized countries) wishing to become CASI certified must become a CASI Affiliate member first, and pay the Affiliate member fee of $171.55 CDN.

Once you are an Affiliate Member, you may apply for recognition of previous certification, which will provide you with a starting point in the CASI certification system. Once approved, you will be notified of the appropriate entry point into the CASI certification system (Level 1, 2 or 3) and will be permitted to register for a CASI instructor course. Course fees are additional. Prior to enrolling in a CASI course, you will also be required to complete the yearly Member Online Update workshop.

Please note – in general, you will be permitted to start in the CASI system by completing the course at the same level that you currently hold (or equivalent). The exception to this is Level 1 certified instructors, who are typically allowed to bypass the CASI Level 1 course. Examples:

Example 1: BASI, APSI, AASI, NZSIA Level 1 or 2 Instructors: Starting point would be CASI Level 2 course.
Example 2: BASI, APSI, AASI, NZSIA Level 3 Instructors: Starting point would be CASI Level 3 course.

To inquire about your specific certification and appropriate starting point, please contact Geneviève Pilotto, Program Director (

To apply for recognition (in order to take a CASI course), please download the application form.


  • You are required to have an Affiliate member number first.
  • CASI does not grant equivalency to international certifications. IE: In order to become a regular CASI member, you will first need to successfully complete a CASI certification course at your appropriate starting point.
I have my Level 2 Instructor’s rating from another country. Does CASI offer any equivalency for that?

No. Please see previous answer above.

I am a CASI Affiliate member and will be working as an instructor for a ski school in Canada. Should I injure myself while teaching, what coverage am I entitled to?

Although Affiliate members are covered under WCB by their Snow School/Resort, CASI’s disability insurance coverage is limited to death and dismemberment indemnity, the principal sum being $25,000.00. The disability coverage is only for members who are registered under a Canadian provincial Medicare program. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you purchase accident insurance coverage prior to travelling to Canada.

I’m a PESG Instructor (all Levels). How can I become a CASI Instructor?

Any PESG Instructors wishing to become CASI members must pay CASI annual dues to be granted their CASI Level 1 Instructor certification. It is also advised to complete the Online Update and review the CASI Reference Guide to be fully certified. Proof of PESG certification also required.

How do I find a snowboard instructing job in Canada?

Check out this website under “Jobs” for job postings by region or pick out a resort in the “Snow School Directory” where you would like to work, and contact them directly.

I am a certified ACMS instructor. Can I work in Europe or South America?

Although CASI certification is internationally-recognized, it is the resort or the snow school that decides whether or not to hire you. We advise you to contact the ski resort or school where you want to work and get hired before applying for a work visa and booking your plane tickets.

I’m trying to find the best Instructor Training Program in Canada… what kind of things should I be looking for?

There are many programs in Canada offering multi-week instructor training programs. CASI recommends that you inquire about the following details:

  • Do they employ current CASI Evaluators as trainers?
  • Do they offer any type of teaching experience, lesson shadowing, or work experience prior to taking the Level 2?
  • What is the training time between Level 1 and 2? This should be a minimum of 4-6 weeks.