Course Overview

The CASI Level 3 Instructor certification is for advanced snowboarders who have passed the Level 2 certification as well as the Park 1 Instructor certification, and have an interest in teaching advanced students and begin to train other instructors. The goal of the Level 3 course is to develop a skills-based and situational teaching approach for high-level snowboarding. Also, an understanding of CASI technique and methodology and an introduction to instructor training will be developed. It combines practical snowboard teaching methods, technical understanding and development, as well as development of analysis and session planning skills.

The Level 3 course is delivered in two phases: a course phase where material is presented, and an evaluation phase where exams are conducted. Candidates will leave the course phase with clear feedback regarding performance and potential. Candidates must register for the course and exams portions separately, and are encouraged to take the exams at a later date to allow for training and development time following the course portion.

Next Steps

This certification is a prerequisite for the CASI Level 4 Instructor certification.



Who should take this course?

You should take this course if you are a Level 2 Instructor, along with the Park 1 Instructor certification and plenty of teaching experience, including beginner to intermediate students in a variety of situations. You should love to teach, and have a desire to take your teaching skills to new areas of the mountain – groomed terrain, freeride terrain, and the terrain park. You should be confident and comfortable demonstrating advanced riding skills in corresponding terrain, and have an interest in learning to train fellow instructors.

Am I ready?

The Level 3 Instructor standards require you to pass riding, teaching and instructor training (pedagogy) evaluations. In order to help you achieve success on the course, we suggest you take the following steps in preparation, if they are available to you:

  • Spend plenty of time working as an instructor, honing your communication, analysis and group management skills
  • Ensure you are familiar with the CASI Level 1 & 2 course content and methodologies
  • Attend training sessions with a current CASI Level 3 Instructor or Evaluator, to get feedback on your riding ability in relation to the technical standard. The use of video analysis and feedback can be beneficial
  • Ensure that you have completed the Park 1 Instructor certification
  • Following completion of the course portion, attend the 1-day Level 3 Exam Prep course
How many components are there on the Level 3 certification?

There are 3 components: Teaching, Riding, and Instructor Training. Candidates must pass the entire component to receive credit for successful completion.

What are the course prerequisites?

Before attending the Level 3 Course portion, you need to be a CASI Level 2 Instructor (or equivalent Foreign Affiliate member), as well as a Park 1 instructor. Please note, both of these prerequisites need to be completed prior to attending the Level 3 Course.

Do I keep the parts that I pass on Level 3?

Yes, candidates will retain the components that they pass successfully for life.

How long do I have to complete all parts of Level 3?

There is no time limit to complete the Level 3 certification. Once you have completed the course portion, you are eligible to attend the exams as many times as you need to finish the certification. You may elect to retake the course if you require additional training as well.

What info is covered on Level 3?

The Level 3 course is for those who are interested in teaching advanced snowboarders in all-mountain, freeride and park terrain. Also, you may be looking at starting to train other instructors.

What do I have to do to pass?

Level 3 instructors show advanced level riding skills on most terrain. This includes black runs (groomed and ungroomed), bumps, steeps, as well as small and medium Terrain Park features. You should have the teaching experience to be confident teaching this level of rider, along with the ability to analyze and improve advanced riders’ skills. Please view the Level 3 standards video and Course Guide so you know the exact standards.

Should I take the course separate from the exams?

If possible, yes. CASI recommends taking the course, getting feedback from your Evaluators, and then taking some time to train and perfect your skills before coming back to the exams. Please note, if you register for the course and exams back-to-back, your Evaluator will make recommendations as to the parts of your teaching and/or riding that will need to be improved prior to exams, but they can’t make any predictions as to whether you’ll pass or not. If you are registered for the course and exams together, and you choose not to participate in the exams, you will be subject to CASI’s Cancellation Policy. It is also recommended to attend an Exam Prep session prior to the exams.

Do I need teaching experience?

Yes! The Level 3 certification is a high-level course and evaluation suitable for snowboard instructors with multiple years of teaching experience.