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Member Benefits

To support you in your journey, CASI offers a variety of benefits tailored to enhance your skills, expand your network, and elevate your passion for snowboarding instruction. Explore the offerings below and discover how being a part of our association can take your career and love for the sport to new heights.


Regular CASI Members can take advantage of our Pro Deals Program, which helps working snowboard instructors and CASI members save on the cost of purchasing equipment. 

The exact value of savings varies between suppliers, but discounts for major equipment generally runs between 30-50% off the retail price.
Once you’ve paid your dues you can access the CASI Pro Deals page from within your member profile, then enter your log-in details to start saving!


CASI members can get deals on car rentals to make it easier to get to where you want to go and are needed.


  • Go to 
  • Enter your dates, times, and locations on our homepage.
  • On the 3rd line, please click on *Offer Codes* 
  • Enter your BCD# which is Z839067
  • You may now press “SELECT MY CAR” and proceed as normal
  • You may now confirm your reservation

Health, Drug, Dental & Travel Insurance

CASI’s Member Health Plan offers excellent coverage at favourable rates for health services including prescription drugs, physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy, semi-private hospital, dental, vision and more. The plan offers Single, Family and Single Parent rates and includes extensive professional Wellness Resources at no added cost. Our Health Plus advisors specialize in benefits for independent and self-employed people and also offer disability, critical illness and life insurance.

Due to RAMQ rules, the insurance for Quebec members differs from Health Plus plans for members across the rest of Canada.  For more info on the plans and contact for our brokers, visit:

Accident/Disability Insurance

You are eligible for this plan when performing your duties as an instructor* or participating in any activities sponsored by CASI within Canada for which compensation is received. You are also covered while traveling to or from your residence to your work site. Lump sum benefits would be payable should you, as the result of an accident: die, lose a limb, or be dismembered. You would also be re-imbursed for your medical and dental expenses. In case of disability, we would provide you with a weekly indemnity (up to $500.00 /week). Review the policy details here.

* Must be working for a recognized snow school

Evaluator Disability Insurance

CASI provides WCB coverage to all Evaluators who teach courses on CASI’s behalf. For any WCB or Liability Insurance inquiries, please contact us at: or 1-877-976-2274.

Travel Insurance

Lifestyle Insurance & Benefits has provided CASI members with preferred pricing on travel insurance coverage. To learn more, visit their website.


CASI Website: Explore our website to find all the info on CASI, the latest course dates and locations, job postings, and articles of interest to Instructors and Resort Management alike. You can even pay your dues and register for courses on-line!

Social Media: Stay up to date with CASI’s Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

E-Newsletter: CASI’s e-newsletter, which is published monthly, provides our members with the latest info on courses, regional news, job opportunities, articles of interest for instructors.

Toll-free Phone Lines: So that our members can contact us more easily, CASI provides toll-free lines to our Head Office. Call us – it’s free! 1-877-976-2274


A scholarship program has been set up to help members advance to the next level. The scholarship comes in the form of a $200.00 bursary which can be applied to the certification course of their choice.

This program is open to all permanent Canadian resident CASI members who wish to advance their instructional qualifications and is ideally aimed at those wanting to get their Levels 3 and 4.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please visit our Scholarships page for submission criteria. Deadline: one month prior to the course being applied for.

Funding for these scholarships was initially provided by CASI. Contributions to the scholarship programs are invited, and depending on the funds available in any given year, the number of recipients may increase as the funds become available.

If you would like to donate funds to our scholarship program, please do so on your dues invoice, or you can contact Jeff Chandler, our Executive Director at: for more details.



How about teaching and riding for free in other countries? Once you become a Level 4 Instructor, you can apply to the International Ski Instructors’ Association (ISIA) for your International Rating and ISIA sticker.


Every four years all the skiing & snowboarding nations of the world get together to exchange ideas and methodology about their system of instruction. CASI has represented Canada since 1995 (Japan ’95, Norway ’99, Switzerland ‘03 and Korea ‘07, Austria ‘11, Argentina ’15, Bulgaria ’19, and Finland ’23) and is very well respected on the world stage. CASI is looking forward to the next Interski congresses, in Vail 2027.


By becoming CASI certified, you now have the opportunity to work anywhere in Canada or around the world as a Snowboard Instructor regardless if you’re ISIA rated or not. To assist you in obtaining employment, CASI publishes job opportunities on our website. Not only do we publish what’s available, based on the resort’s requests, we have published a directory of all snow schools in Canada and all of our Interski contacts, on our website. So if you would like to work at a particular resort, look them up in the directory and contact them through the numbers provided.


CASI’s mandate is to train and certify snowboard instructors, and to ensure that a national standard of safe and efficient snowboard instruction is maintained. This national standard of training, through the implementation of certification courses, training materials, manuals, seminars, and video productions, is constantly being developed and updated.

CASI offers four levels of Instructor Certification, Park Instructor Levels 1 & 2 courses, plus Level 2 & 3 Prep and Level 4 Exam Prep courses.


Update your certification with the latest details regarding CASI teaching techniques and organization news. Log-in to your member profile to access the update.


CASI represents snowboarding and its members by being actively involved in the Canadian Ski/Snowboard industry, as either a member, associate member, and/or partner with the following organizations:

  • Atlantic Ski Areas Association
  • Canada West Ski Areas Association
  • Canadian Adaptive Snowsports
  • Canadian Avalanche Association
  • Canadian Ski Coaches Federation
  • Canadian Ski Council
  • Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance
  • Canada~Snowboard
  • National Snow Industries Association
  • Ontario Ski Resorts Association
  • Quebec Ski Areas Association

CASI is continually trying to find ways to help the industry generate more business, better train our membership, and ultimately create a need for more instructors in Canada. The following programs have been very successful: the Instructor Training Program, Resort Trainer’s Manual, CASI Training Videos, QuickRide Program, the QuickRide Rider Improvement Program, the Mountain Adventurers Learning Program, and the Snow School Promotions Guide. We also offer a Member Session program, which provides free training opportunities to members.


As a member of the International Ski Instructors’ Association (ISIA), the CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) has the authority to issue the ISIA minimum standard international stamp to CASI members. The stamp allows for an increased recognition of one’s competencies at the international level. There is no charge for the stamp.

In order to apply for an ISIA recognition, the CASI member must have a minimum number of 320 hours* of training and education, is required to reach the ISIA minimum standard, including the following three mandatory programs:

  • CASI Level 3 certification
  • Avalanche Skills Training (AST)
  • First Aid Certification (from a recognized organization such as Red Cross, St.John Ambulance, etc)

*The hours of training to make up for 320 hours of education must be completed through CASI, or one of the following organizations: CSCF, CSIA, CSGA, CADS, CSCP or CANSI. Private training programs or snow school training programs are not eligible.

To find an Avalanche Skills Training course provider near you, please click here.

Example Hours Breakdown

To view an example of an hourly breakdown for an ISIA application, please click here.


If you satisfy these criteria and would like to submit an application, please send your requested hourly breakdown as well as your certification proofs to Genevieve Pilotto, CASI Program Director.