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Member Sessions

Take advantage of these training opportunities offered to CASI members! These consist of a half or full day sessions that focuses on a specific skill or theme in order to make you a better snowboarder and a better instructor.

Some member sessions topics offered*:

Basic Freestyle Skills

Freestyle riding skill development in small and medium terrain park features. Suitable for those preparing for the Park 1 course and / or Level 3 Instructor course.

All-Mountain Freeride

Terrain and condition-specific riding improvement session based around the CASI technical model. Improvement will be catered to the group’s goals and current riding level, as well as the conditions on the day. Suitable for all members.

Corridor Training

Corridor riding task practice and training. Specific to the Level 4 Exam standards. Suitable for all members, but specific to Level 3 members training for the Level 4 course / exams.


This session will improve the group’s knowledge of skill-development exercises and tools. Groups will explore the 5 riding skills, and practice exercises that are specific to each. Suitable for Level 1 members training for the Level 2 Instructor course.

QuickRide Update

Session that will allow you to get the latest info on beginner teaching methods, using the QuickRide System, the Core competencies and some general riding improvement training.


Carving-specific tactics and skill development. Suitable for all members.

*Session topics may vary between regions. Please check the session notes within the course schedule for details.


  • Members are entitled to attend one free training session per season
  • Additional sessions are available for a fee of $61.50
  • Pre-registration is required for all sessions
  • Visit the Schedule page to find and register for a session near you
  • Please ensure you register before the deadline to ensure that these sessions run