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Who Should Take This Course?

You should take this course if you are a Level 3 Instructor with extensive teaching experience, preparation, and training. This should include teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced students in a variety of situations as well as instructor training experience (either at your school, or as a CASI Evaluator). You should have numerous seasons of experience as a full-time snowboard instructor, and wish to further pursue your career in the industry.

Am I Ready?

The Level 4 Instructor standards require you to pass riding, teaching and advanced instructor training (Pedagogy) evaluations. In order to help you achieve success on the course, we suggest you take the following steps in preparation, if they are available to you:

  • Ensure that you plan and prepare for this course in advance. Many candidates work for several years to prepare for and ultimately complete the Level 4 certification. Establish a multi-year plan for success, beginning with the completion of your Level 3 certification.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the CASI Levels 1 to 3 course content and methodologies, as well as all CASI reference materials.
  • Attend training sessions with a current CASI Level 4 Instructor or Evaluator, to get feedback on your riding ability in relation to the technical standard. The use of video analysis and feedback can be beneficial.
  • Level 4 candidates are expected to have a broad-base of knowledge and experience. Take advantage of other avenues for preparation, including competition experience, CSCP coaching courses / training, and other sport-specific training and input.
  • If you've taken the course, consider taking the Level 4 Exam Prep prior to exams.


Course $875.39 / Exams $415.20/ Retest $138.40 per component
*10% late fee added if registered after the deadline date. Taxes and lift tickets are not included in course fees.


  • Current CASI Level 3 Instructor
  • Comfortable on all types of terrain.


By the time you are eligible to attend the Level 4 Instructor course, you have invested considerable time in your personal and professional development. This course will challenge your skills, and allow you the opportunity to further your understanding of snowboard teaching and technique to new heights.

CASI Level 4 Instructors enjoy many opportunities within the industry, including training and professional development, course evaluating, professional advancement, and international representation. CASI’s Level 4 members play a key role in determining training, technical, and policy standards for all of CASI’s programs.

Successful candidates will display the highest level of teaching and riding proficiencies, in line with CASI’s techniques and methodologies. Leadership, communication, maturity, excellent understanding of concepts, originality, and a positive outlook are all characteristics of a successful Level 4 Instructor. The standard is high - but the goal is worthwhile.

To facilitate the best possible success rate on the course, the Level 4 is conducted in two phases - a mid-winter course phase, and a spring evaluation phase. The course portion allows for presentation of material, and the spring evaluations allow for training and development time following the course. The course portion provides training with CASI’s top Evaluators, and focuses on advanced instructor training skills, expert teaching skills, and high-level technical riding skills. Candidates will leave the course portion with clear written and verbal feedback regarding their performance and potential, and strategies for exam preparation. Candidates must register for the course and exams portions separately. Due to staffing constraints, candidates will not be admitted without pre-registration.  

Course Duration:

5 days totalling a minimum of 30 hours - course phase.
4 days - evaluation phase.


Level 4 Course Guide

Level 4 Course Guide


How many components are there on the Level 4 course?

There are 3 components: Teaching, Riding, and Instructor Training. The teaching and pedagogy exams consist of a 1-hour lesson or training session.

Do I keep the parts that I pass on the Level 4?

Yes, candidates will retain the components that they pass successfully for life.

How long do I have to complete all parts of the Level 4?

There is no time liimit to complete the Level 4 certification. Once you have completed the course portion, you are eligible to attend the exams as many times as you need to finish the certification. You may elect to re-take the course if you require additional training as well.

How should I prepare for the Level 4?

Successful Level 4 candidates have experiences that come from a wide variety of sources - teaching, training, practice, professional training outside of CASI, competition, etc. The options really are endless. If you're goal is the Level 4 certification, then chances are you're looking to make snowboarding your career. Track down a Level 4 (ski or snowboard) in your area or region, and ask them for advice.

Be prepared! Set up a training plan that is at least one year in length. It's likely that your path to the Level 4 could take much longer than this, but in the final year before you take the course and exams, make sure you're organized. Don't leave your preparation to the last minute!

What do I have to do to pass?

Level 4 instructors show expert level riding skills on most terrain. This includes black runs (groomed and un-groomed), bumps, steeps, as well as Terrain Park features. You should have the teaching experience to be confident teaching this level of rider, along with the ability to analyze and improve advanced riders' skills. Please view the Level 4 standards video and Course Guide so you know the exact standards.

Do I need teaching experience?

Yes!! The Level 4 certification is an expert level course and evaluation suitable for snowboard instructors with many years of full-time teaching experience. 




2022-2023 Snowboard Course Schedule

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The preliminary 2022-23 course and Member Session schedule is now live! 

Note: Additional course dates and locations will be added as we confirm them with resorts. CASI does not offer waiting lists for courses - as additional spots open, they will be available through our online registration system. Please check back often!


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