The following article is a guest-post from CASI member and evaluator, Graham Sinclair, Head Coach at, which provides training courses for CASI snowboard instructor certifications.

Speaking a second language is like snowboarding switch. 

We know what we want to say in our minds, but it’s really hard to make it actually happen! 

In most cases, we feel more comfortable in our natural stance, and in our first language! 

The use of language is fundamentally important in snowboard instructing. As instructors we are all engaged in the art of efficient and effective language use to help our students progress. 

Now, imagine doing it in a second language!

Snowboarding requires a unique blend of physical capacities to manage the forces at play while surfing down the slopes. Snowboarding at an advanced level requires a coordinated mix of strength, power, agility, mobility, muscular endurance and cardio vascular fitness. By adding some variety or a different focus to your regular activities, you can help ensure that you’re ready to get the most out of this winter season.

Recreational athletes typically overlook rotational and lateral motion while training. Moving left or right and twisting (or resisting against twisting) are key components for developing strength and fitness that translate to sport. This concept is especially important for snowboarding to help manage the rotational and fore/aft pressure created when riding.

National Technical Team member, Adam Gardner, weighs in with some tips and tricks to help you prosper this season. These are some great tips for you to consider from one team member's perspective -- we encourage you to use them as a starting point, and experiment / research for yourself on ways to implement!

I am sure by now that all of us are aware of the benefits of starting the season in good physical shape. Some of us put some extra effort into pre-season training and some of us keep active enough over the off season to organically transition into sliding. 

The team at CASI are always working hard to improve the association but often those changes aren’t immediately visible by the membership. Here are some things we’ve been working to put in place for 2020-21 that may not be as immediately noticeable as the course updates and reference guide improvements that we’re all used to looking for:

As a member-based organization our primary mandate is to provide excellent value for our members. It also means that we rely on our members to support the organization. Without you we would not survive.

This has been a challenging year for everyone and what the future holds is still uncertain for many of us. Despite this we are working hard to ensure that we continue to provide great value for your membership dollars in the hopes that you will continue to support the organization through these uncertain times.

We are excited to introduce Health Plus insurance and the excellent comprehensive health benefit plans now available to all CASI-ACMS members and families. When you’re active, on the slopes and off, year-round, at any life and career stage, good insurance for routine and unexpected expenses helps take care of your health and your finances. That’s why we’ve done our homework to bring you this new benefit of your CASI-ACMS membership.

Your Health Plus member plan starts where your provincial plan stops. In Canada we’re fortunate that government plans pay for doctor visits, hospital stays, and some drugs for some of us. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough even for everyday care, let alone injury or illness. Health Plus Insurance plans provide the more complete protection everyone should have. Due to RAMQ provincial regulations, plans for Quebec residents differ from the Health Plus plans for members in the rest of Canada.

We hope you are keeping well and keeping the stoke for snowboarding alive! Whether you’re getting your fix through snowboard videos, pursuing another sport, training towards next winter with a specific goal in mind or simply taking a break to refresh the mind and body so you’re ready to go when the snow flies again we know that snowboarding and CASI-ACMS are never far from your mind.

Summer time is never down time around here, and this year is no exception! All of our CASI-ACMS staff have been working hard planning for the 2020-21 season.



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