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How do I become an Evaluator, or move up to the next Evaluator level?

Evaluators are responsible for training, mentoring and certifying new snowboard instructors on behalf of CASI. Level 3 CASI instructors who wish to become Evaluators must first submit a rookie application, and if approved, they must then complete the yearly Online Evaluator Update module.

This is the first step in becoming a certified CASI Level 1 Evaluator. Following the completion of the online module, Rookie Evaluators may begin the apprenticeship program where they will join regularly-scheduled courses to continue their training with an experienced Evaluator.

Existing CASI Evaluators (Level 1 – 4 and Park) are required to complete the yearly Online Evaluator Update module and attend the on-snow updates every two years (from 2023-24) in order to maintain their current Evaluator status.

I'm not an Evaluator, but I still want the info...

The Trainer Update day will provide snowboard school trainers, GAP program trainers, and senior instructors with Level 1 and 2 course udpates.

Lapsed evaluators returning...

Evaluators who do not attend Evaluator Training for a period of three (3) years will be considered to be Lapsed Evaluators. Lapsed Evaluators who wish to resume teaching courses will be required to complete all or part of a rookie program for each certification level that they wish to teach prior to being considered available to teach those courses.

Other Notes:

  • Evaluators conducting courses for CASI do so as independent contractors, and as such, must possess the appropriate visas and/or work permits to perform this type of work in Canada. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that this is the case prior to applying to teach courses for CASI.
  • CASI members (Level 2 and up) are welcome to attend the Trainer Update program, to assist with preparation for running instructor training / GAP programs. 

Please direct any questions to Geneviève Pilotto, Program Director



Evaluator Apprenticeship Program

Prospective Evaluators who wish to begin the Level 1 Rookie training process must complete the following steps:

  1. Be a minimum CASI Level 3 Instructor, with considerable teaching experience working with students at a variety oflevels.
  2. Complete and submit the Level 1 Rookie Evaluator application package, including the following items:
    1. Rookie Application form
    2. Application Letter indicating the number of seasonsor hours spent working as a snowboard instructor.
    3. Industry Reference Letter containing an endorsement from an industry representative such as snow school director, current Evaluator, resort manager, or supervisor.
  3. Have the sufficient work permits or visas to work inCanada as an independent contractor.
  4. When the application is selected there will be a Zoom interview scheduled with the Program Director and the Regional Coordinator.
  5. Once approved, complete the Online Evaluator Training module.
  6. Next step will be to coordinate the first observationnal course on a Level 1 course with the Regional Coordinator.
  7. Attend and successfully complete the Evaluator Development Module.

NOTE: When they’re signed off, all rookie evaluators must attend the Evaluator Development Module prior to teaching their first course. They can attend it before they start the apprenticeship program or after they have completed it, as long as it’s before they teach their first course.


Current and experienced Evaluators at the level they are certified to evaluate (Lv1-3, Park 1) wanting to move up to the next Level of Evaluator are required to apply and complete the Apprenticeship Program at the level at which they want to become trainers:

  1. Get an endorsement from a Mentor Evaluator. They can contact their local Regional Coordinator to arrange for a mentor to visit a course they're scheduled to work.
  2. Submit a Rookie Application Package (application form, cover letter and letter of reference) to the Program Director at any time during the year.
  3. If needed, approved rookie applicants will be contacted to participate in an interview with the Program Director and the Regional Coordinator.
  4. If approved, rookie applicants will be contacted to coordinate upcoming courses that are available for them to shadow.


  • Level 3 Rookie Process: Observe on one Level 3 Exam, followed by two Level 3 Courses, as above. Reviewed on a situational basis.
  • Level 4 Process: Observe on one Level 4 Exam, followed by a minimum of one Level 4 Course, reviewed on a situational basis.



The process for each Level of evaluator certification requires a minimum of two rookie courses, sometimes more than two. There is no pre-set number of rookie courses as it is an individual-based process. Generally, this is how it goes:

  • The first rookie course is an observational process, with limited teaching involvement. This may be completed with an experienced Evaluator (who has a lot of experience teaching courses at this level).
  • The second rookie course must be completed with an approved “Mentor Evaluator”, and the rookie will be expected to present a large portion of the course.
  • Rookies and mentors will be in contact with each other prior to that second course, to discuss expectations, schedules, etc.
  • Rookie Evaluators will be considered certified at the new level when they receive a favorable completed Rookie Report from an approved Mentor Evaluator. 



Online Evaluator Training Module

Who Should Take This Module?

  • All certified Evaluators who have taught CASI courses in the past
  • Rookie (Apprentice) Evaluators 


  • These are our yearly mandatory Online Evaluator Updates Modules that cover all courses and material updates and or changes as well as administration procedures.
  • There are three online modules for Evaluator training, depending on the evaluator's level of certification:
    Evaluator Development (Online): for all (Levels 1-4 & rookies)
    Advanced Evaluator Development (Online): Level 3-4
    Freestyle Evaluator Development (Online): Park 1& 2
  • To start teaching courses this season, every evaluator must have completed their online training before teaching their first course.
  • Online workshops will be accessible from your member profile.


  • Current Evaluator, or;
  • Selected Rookie Applicants
Course Duration: We recommend you to reserve a good 2 - 5 hours period in order to complete this course.

Evaluator Development Module

Who Should Take This Module?

  • All certified evaluators who have taught CASI courses in the past
  • New Rookie Evaluators 


    The Evaluator Development Module will be our new format for our on-snow training. This training will focus on varied professional aspects such as Riding Improvement, Demonstrations, Teaching and Pedagogy and other yearly themes that should change each year. 

    *The module will also include communication to Evaluators regarding minimum standards to be maintained going forward (riding skills, demo skills, presentation skills, and course content knowledge). Evaluators should know that if skills are not demonstrated / maintained, there will be additional steps required to stay current.

    • This will not be a formal evaluation, but this will be done in the form of feedback / overall assessment by course staff. 
    • Recommendations may include mentoring, rookie-ing, riding improvements (for example, submitted by video at a later date, follow up virtual meetings or phone calls with a Technical Team Member, the Regional Coordinator or the Program Director, etc.)

    *Snowboard school trainers and senior instructors (CASI Level 2 and up) who will be spending time this season preparing others for the CASI Level 1 course should attend the Trainer Update program.


    • CASI Level 1 Evaluator 
    • Rookie Evaluators 

    Course Duration: 2 days

    *Starting in 2023-24, Evaluators will be required to attend this module at the minimum every two-years. They could also participate every year if they want.

    2023-24 Dates & Locations: 

    • Coming soon

    Registration Deadline: October 31st, 2023

    Advanced Evaluator Module

    Who Should Take This Course? 

    • Current Level 3 Evaluators who have taught courses in the past, or have completed the Level 3 apprenticeship program but not taught any courses yet. 
    • Level 2 Evaluators who are Level 4 Instructors and have taught a minimum of five Level 2 courses, and are planning to apply to begin the Level 3 Rookie Program this season.


    The focus of the Advanced Evaluator Module is to update existing Level 3 Evaluators and Level 3 Rookie Evaluators to present Level 3 courses this season. The on-snow sessions will examine Level 3 course content, demonstrations, development tactics, course standards and professional development topics for instructors and Evaluators. 


    • CASI Level 3 Evaluator OR CASI Level 2 Evaluator (with additional experience)
    • Level 3 Evaluators Rookies that have started the Apprenticeship program

    Course Duration: 1 day

    *Starting in 2023-24, the evaluators will be required to attend this module at the minimum every two-years. They could also participate every year if they want.

    2023-24 Dates & Locations: 

    • Coming soon

    Registration Deadline:October 31st, 2023

    Freestyle Evaluator Module

    Who Should Take This Course?

    • Existing CASI Park Evaluators
    • Level 1-2-3 Evaluators who wish to begin the Park Instructor 1 rookie process.
    • Level 3 Evaluators attending the Advanced Evaluator Module will also receive the Park update information.


    Starting in 2023-24, the Park Evaluators are required to attend at the minimum every two years the Freestyle Evaluator Module. This on-snow session will include rider improvement, teaching and pedagogy workshops, as well as an evaluation of technical skills in relation to the current Park 1 technical standards, and suitability to present this course.


    • Coming soon

    Course Duration: 1 day 

    *Starting in 2023-24, the evaluators will be required to attend this module at the minimum every two-years. They could also participate every year if they want.

    2023-24 Dates & Locations: 

    • Coming soon

    Registration Deadline:October 31st, 2023


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