CASI Evaluators are trained and certified using a combination of training course / updates and on-course apprenticeship time. Level 3 instructors who wish to become CASI Evaluators should attend a yearly Evaluator Training course at their chosen location - this is the first step in becoming a certified Level 1 Evaluator. Following the training, new Evaluators will proceed to the apprenticeship (rookie) process where they will join courses in-progress to complete their training with experienced Mentor Evaluators. Yearly updates are mandatory for all Evaluators who wish to teach CASI certification courses this season.


  • Make-Up Dates: There will not be any Evaluator update make-up opportunities after the scheduled Evaluator Training courses are complete. There are courses offered in each region of the country, and Evaluators may attend in any region to be available for work for this season.
  • Lapsed Evaluators: Evaluators who do not attend Evaluator Training for a period of three (3) years will be considered to be lapsed Evaluators. Lapsed Evaluators who wish to resume teaching courses will be required to attend Evaluator Training and also complete all or part of the rookie/apprenticeship program for each certification level that they wish to teach prior to being considered available to teach those courses.
  • Walk-On Registrations: Pre-registration is required for all Evaluator Training events. Walk-on registrations will not be permitted.
  • Level 2's who were previously CASI evaluators prior to 2017 are encouraged to continue to attend Evaluator Training this year to receive the training and update info while continuing to work towards the Level 3 certification. Once the Level 3 certification is complete, these individuals will be considered eligible to teach courses for CASI.

All Level 3 members are encouraged to attend Evaluator Training even if you aren't eligible to teach CASI courses (i.e.: if you are a Snow School Trainer or Instructor Training Program trainer on GAP-style programs). Attendance at the Evaluator Training courses will be beneficial in preparing you to train course candidates for their certification courses and exams.

Evaluators conducting courses for CASI do so as independent contractors, and as such, must possess the appropriate visas and/or work permits to perform this type of work in Canada. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that this is the case prior to applying to teach courses for CASI.

Please direct any questions toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Level 1 and 2 Evaluator Training

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Level 3 CASI members who wish to become new Level 1 Evaluators.
  • Current Level 1 or 2 Evaluators who have taught CASI Courses in the past.
  • Snowboard school trainers and senior instructors who will be spending time this season preparing others for the CASI Level 1 and/or 2 course.
  • Evaluators who are Level 2 CASI Instructors who wish to maintain their training while working towards the Level 3 ceritifcation (must have been an Evaluator prior to the 2017-18 season).
  • Level 1 Evaluator Training: For current Level 1 Evaluators, and new Evaluators who will begin the Level 1 apprenticeship program this year.
  • Level 2 Evaluator Training: For current Level 2 Evaluators, as well as Level 1 Evaluators who are ready to begin the Level 2 apprenticeship program this year (note: you must have taught a minium of five Level 1 courses already).

The focus of Evaluator Training is to prepare existing and new Level 1 and 2 Evaluators to present CASI courses this season. The on-snow sessions will examine course content, demonstrations, development tactics, course standards and professional development topics for instructros and Evaluators. Topics to be included in the indoor portions of the course include new reference materials overview, course administration procedures, and revisions to the Level 1 & 2 Course Agenda and/or Course Conductor’s Outlines.

Course Duration:

2 days

2017 Dates & Locations:

  • Sunshine VIllage, AB: Nov 23, 24
  • Whistler, BC: Nov 30 - Dec 1
  • Mont Tremblant, QC: Dec 7, 8
  • Blue Mountain, ON: Dec 16, 17
  • Stoneham, QC: Dec 9, 10 *French Only
  • Big White, BC: Dec 11, 12
  • Martock, NS: Dec 16, 17

Level 4 Update

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Level 4 CASI members.
  • Level 4 members who are also Evaluators, and wish to teach Level 1, 2 or 3 courses this year.

All Level 4 CASI members are encouraged to attend this two-day training and update session, which will also provide this season's Evaluator update for Level 1, 2 and 3 courses. The focus of the Level 4 Member Update is to update and prepare current Level 4's to present the CASI Level 1 to 3 courses, and also to present and gather input on current technical methodologies and initiatives. The on-snow sessions will examine course content, demonstrations, development tactics, courses standards and other professional development topics.

Note: Level 4's who do not wish to attend Level 4 Training, but do wish to teach on Level 1 or 2 courses this season may simply attend the regularly scheduled Level 1 or 2 Evaluator Training course instead.

Course Duration:

2 days

2017 Dates & Locations:

  • Sunshine VIllage, AB: Nov 21, 22
  • Whistler, BC: Nov 28, 29
  • Mont Tremblant, QC: Dec 5, 6


Access Evaluator Resources from your Member Profile:

  • Log-in here, and select "Resources", then filter by "Evaluator Resources"


How do I become a CASI Evaluator?

The first step to becoming an Evaluator is to have completed your CASI Level 3 Instructor certification, as well as have a broad experience teaching many different types of students and abilities. CASI holds Evaluator Training courses each fall, were new Evaluators are welcome to come and get the info that's required to begin teaching Level 1 courses. Following this course, you'll be required to shadow, or "rookie" on a course or two, until you're ready to teach one on your own.

How many Level 1 Courses will I need to shadow or rookie before I can teach my own?

Typically, new Evaluators will rookie one Level 1 course. However, this isn't a set rule, as many Evaluators will require more time to become confident presenting the course. The important thing is that both you and your mentor Evaluator are comfortable with your ability to present the course.

How do I progress as an Evaluator?

Once you've taught some Level 1 courses (we recommend a minimum of five), and are feeling confident that you are ready to move to Level 2, you can complete a Rookie Application Form to apply to move on to start the Level 2 rookie process. This will get the process started for you to begin the apprenticeship process for Level 2. Please ensure that you've taught approximately five or more Level 1 courses on your own before submitting a Rookie Application form, and you will need to submit a portfolio of supporting items such as a video, resume, and reference letter.

Who should be an Evaluator?

Evaluating other instructors isn't something that should be taken lightly, and it's not for everyone. First and foremost, you need to have the background and confidence to effectively present yourself as an expert with the group. This isn't just riding skills, but also teaching experience. Also, your communication skills need to be second to none, as you'll be passing on some complex concepts and ideas both on-snow and in a classroom setting. Finally, patience and humility are important. Think back to your Level 1 or Level 2 course, and how nervous you might have been...a good Evaluator will be able to help candidates pass the course successfully by creating a learning environment that is constructive for everyone involved. If you're still not sure, talk to an Evaluator at your resort!


Coming soon...

2017-2018 Snowboard Course Schedule

Courses are now finished for the 2017-2018 season.  Please check back in September for the 2018-19 schedule.


We have secured preferred rates with some hotels at the various Evaluator Training venues:

  • Mont Tremblant, QC: Click here to download the rate sheet and contact Tremblant directly to book.
  • Whistler, BC: Contact the Tantalus Resort Lodge directly at 604-932-4146 and quote the group code "CASI" for a preferred rate between Nov 27 - Dec 1.
  • Blue Mountain: Coming soon...
  • Banff, AB: Banff Ptarmigan Inn. Call 1-800-563-8764 and quote the Group #2139778 and the group name: CASI. Bookings are all based on availability.



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