Interski comes around every four years, and from an association perspective it represents a large cost (or investment, depending how you view it) which begs the question – what is the value that CASI receives from this event?

Not only a demo event, I really view Interski as a chance for us to check in with our counterparts from around the world, and put our methodology to the test. Are we really maintaining relevance in the snowboard teaching space? Are our riding techniques evolving as we learn more and more about our sport? These are questions that we are trying to ask (and answer) here this week.

A key element to Interski has always been the sharing of information and findings with our members. Now more than ever, this is easier than it’s ever been. This blog is a great example of this – daily updates from the event have made the info more and more accessible to CASI members back home in Canada, and abroad.

This gathering of info also assists us in making sure that our programs and system continue to improve. We have never shied away from updating our programs, if we feel that there’s a better way, and this event allows us to really check in.

As well, CASI enjoys a really positive reputation on the international stage, and our presence at this event in Finland this week, as well as previous Interski events, has helped to support this.

This morning, the Interski team had a short gondola discussion about the value the Interski represents for CASI…tune in below to the video to listen in!

Jeff Chandler