This week our team gathered in Collingwood, Ontario at Alpine Ski Club to fine tune our workshop presentations, practice our technical demos, and just get prepared overall for the upcoming Interski event in March.

We are here alongside our teammates from the CSIA, who are also putting in some serious training time to be ready for Bulgaria.

Day 1 was spent on the demo slope where we picked up where we left off last time, finding suitable combinations of riders who are able to ride in close proximity to each other and still able to show fast, dynamic riding. The goal of these demos is to showcase our techniques and riding style to the world. We had a slow start with the group getting used to riding in this fashion again, but started to find out groove by lunchtime.

In the afternoon we ran through one of our potential on-snow workshops, which outlines the SAFE teaching concept as a tool for lesson planning.

The last hour of the day was spent with the ski demo team members working to blend skiers and snowboarders into a single opening ceremony run.

More fun to come today!

CASI and CSIA teams working together on the demo slope!