Similar to CASI, Snowsport Sweden aims to give their instructors a framework within which to build their lessons.

Starting with Conditions, instructors are encouraged to find out a bit about their students and to look at the conditions of the day in order to form the basis of the technique that will be appropriate given those factors. Instructors look at Physical and Psychological factors of the student along with Situational factors such as equipment, terrain, snow conditions etc.

The next step is to identify the desired Outcome or “result” that you will be aiming for. Outcomes can be a certain type of turn, a trick, or a specific maneuver.

Once the instructor has analysed the Conditions and decided (in conjunction with the student) on a desired Outcome it is now time to identify the Positioning required to achieve the Outcome. Their Positioning is similar to our Skills, or as they describe it “how we regulate the relationship between centre of mass, the snowboard, and the resulting forces from the snow”.

The over arching message was that we shouldn’t jump to techinal (Positioning) without first assessing the Conditions (student and environmental factors) and establishing the desired Outcome.

While the Swedish terminology and methodology might differ from ours this is a message that we could all do to remember when building our lessons.