Full name and discipline/role at Interski: Yukiko Kawada, CASI Team member 

Do you have a nickname we should be using? No one calls me as my full name. Yuki is the best way, (means “snow” in Japanese ) 

Where, at what age and on what kind of plank(s) did you start sliding? First time skiing was at the age of 4 in Norikura Nagano Japan, then stopped at 5 when I started competing figure skating. I didn’t re-start skiing until I got in University at 18. Then swapped to snowboarding at 21.

What’s your home resort now? Whistler Blackcomb BC 

What other certifications do you have in the sliding sports world? CSIA level 1, SAJ 1st level ( not instructor level just skiing test level) and I am good at ice skating. 

First time on the team? If no, please tell us about your previous experience(s): I was in St Anton I remember that Demo slope (WC slalom slope) was super icy…but so many audience were watching the demo. Amazing ambience and experience. Local kids were drinking Glühwein (Mulled wine) while watching demo. 

Tell us one thing that really gets you excited about Interski 2019 : Going to ride mountain in Bulgaria where I have never been. Meeting people from other countries and sharing our passion and ideas about snowboarding. 

What do you hope to get out of Interski 2019? Learning other countries methodologies and techniques, promoting CASI ’s strong teaching methodology. 

Your claim to fame? Oldest Snowboard team member who can still follow young ones. I can speak several languages but not Bulgarian. I have been snowboarding in many countries including indoor slopes in UAE. 

Tell us something funny or interesting about you that not many of us know: I can make a crane from a piece of square paper. I write with my right hand, but I draw and color with left hand. 

Please add anything else you’d like to share with us: Maybe ask CASI boys, sometimes they know me better than myself : )