Another off-season is wrapping up, and the CASI team has been hard at work since last spring in updating and improving our programs. We’re excited for the coming season. Read below for some key information regarding technical updates and changes!

New Tech Team

In April 2022, CASI was pleased to announce the latest group selected to help represent our association, and guide the technical direction of our programs and courses. Big congratulations again to:

  • Adam Gardner, British Columbia
  • Mellen Jay, British Columbia
  • James Hyland, Ontario
  • Dom Oshanek, British Columbia
  • Michelle Clifford, Ontario
  • Breen Trott, Ontario
  • John Smiths, Alberta (RC Representative)

Interski Team

From this group, six members will proudly represent CASI at Interski in Findland, in March 2023:

  • Adam Gardner
  • Mellen Jay
  • James Hyland
  • Dom Oshanek
  • Jeff Chandler
  • Geneviève Pilotto

Click here, to find out more about the Interski Team members.

New Evaluator Training System

  • Evaluators will be able to start teaching courses when their yearly Online Evaluator Update module is completed.
  • NEW! On-snow Evaluator Development Module will include two days of training for all Rookie, Level 1 and 2 Evaluators.
  • There will be an extra one-day on snow training day for Level 3 (Evaluator Advanced Module) and Park Evaluators (Freestyle Evaluator Module).
  • Each on-snow training day will cost $50 per day. This is a reduced cost from previous years.
  • Two years rotation system starting in 2023-24: For this season (2022-23) every Evaluator will need to attend the on-snow training that corresponds with their certification and courses being taught. Starting next season (2023-24), the on-snow training will be required at the minimum every two years.
    • Level 3 and Park Evaluators could attend all required modules in one year, or alternate and attend Evaluator Development module one season and Freestyle and/or Advanced modules the next season.
    • Evaluators are also permitted / encouraged to attend the on-snow training every year.
    • Note that failure to complete the on-snow portion this season (2022-23) will result in not being able to start teaching courses in 2023-24 season until it’s completed.
    • Example scenario: If you are a Level 1 & Park evaluator, you will attend the on-snow training this season and then you could attend the Evaluator Development and Freestyle Evaluator Modules in 2024-25 or you could also alternate every year and do Evaluator Development module in 2023-24 and Freestyle Evaluator module in 2024-25.
  • There will be more opportunities offered during the season (November to April) to attend on-snow Evaluator Development Modules.
  • CASI Level 4 Members have these options to receive technical updates this season:
    • Presenter Training – for those Level 4’s who are hired to present Evaluator Development Module training in various locations.
    • Evaluator Development, Advanced and Freestyle modules – for those Level 4’s who plan to teach Level 1 – 3 and Park courses this year.
    • Level 4 Member Sessions – Info-only sessions catered to Level 4 members.
  • Level 3 CASI instructors who wish to become Evaluators must first submit a rookie application, and if approved, they must then complete the yearly Online Evaluator Update module.
  • Following the completion of the online module, Rookie Evaluators may begin the apprenticeship program where they will be invited to join regularly-scheduled courses to continue their training with an experienced Evaluator on the course Level they are shadowing. Click on “NEW EVALUATORS” above for more info.
  • When apprentice courses are completed (and the rookie is signed off) they may begin teaching courses at the new level, and must complete the on-snow training within 12 months, if they didn’t do it already in that season.

Level 3 & 4 Exams Registration by Component

It is now possible to register to test only one component (riding, teaching or Instructor training) at a time for both the Level 3 and 4 exams.

Course Standards Clarified & Updated 

We have refreshed all of our course guides and added details about the standards and course expectations for Park 1, Park 2 and Level 4 certifications. You can find all the courses guides from your member profile in the section “Resources” under the “Course Resources”.

Level 4 Course Agenda Updates

Take a look at our revamped agenda for the Level 4 course that includes some changes in the schedule.

Member Session Changes 

We added the QuickRide update theme to the other Member Session topics available to our members. Remember that each member as access to a FREE Member Session per season and can register for an unlimited number other sessions for a fee of just 61.50$.