The team at CASI are always working hard to improve the association but often those changes aren’t immediately visible by the membership. Here are some things we’ve been working to put in place for 2020-21 that may not be as immediately noticeable as the course updates and reference guide improvements that we’re all used to looking for:

Eliminating Membership Cards:

We have finally taken the step to eliminate plastic membership cards altogether! Although I know a few of you will grumble and a few of you will shed a nostalgic tear, this move has a positive environmental and financial impact. Your membership card has been available through your member profile for a few years now and you can print it if you need it…but we’d encourage you to stick to the digital version and just display it when needed.

Streamlined Communication Channels:

All of your CASI staff and board members are now available through an @casi-acms email address. Simply use *firstname* and you’re there. Simple. You can also now reach any staff member through our toll-free number. Dial up 1-877-976-2274 and listen for their extension.

Continued Reduction in Paper Use:

We have continued our effort to reduce the amount of paper we use, and ship all over the country and the world. Our course kits now contain far fewer items which results in smaller packages to ship, and less wastage.

Database Upgrades:

We continue to improve our database to better track all of the information in your member profile. You can print certificates, your member card and even look up candidate feedback forms from your courses (any course taken in 2020-21 and beyond).

NEW Evaluator App:

In order to support these database upgrades, course evaluators will now be working with an app to produce course results and feedback forms electronically. This helps us to reduce the amount of paper we use on courses and speeds up the processing time of results immensely. Everything will be available through your member profile within 2 days of the completion of your course.

Increased Access to Member Sessions:

You spoke and we listened. The demand from many members to take more than their one free allotted member session per year was loud and clear. You now have the option of attending 2 free sessions per season (1 QuickRide Update and 1 Topic Specific Session) AND you can sign up for as many more topic specific sessions as you like for only $50 per session. There are now more options than ever to get trained by CASI’s top pros. You can see all of the offerings HERE.

NEW Online Learning Modules:

Driven by COVID we have accelerated our move towards online learning. We have eliminated ALL indoor components of our certification courses and replaced them with online learning modules. Beyond the obvious necessity of this move we will now also be able to track all completed modules in your member profile and ensure that all learning is completed before certifications are granted. We have invested in a new online learning platform to develop these modules and I think you’ll really enjoy the look and feel.

The CASI Team

Over the summer CASI has undergone some restructuring and undertaken some operational efficiencies to better service our membership. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to re-introduce the team that is here to serve you.

Regional Coordinators:

Historically looking after Level 1 and Park 1 courses, these folks now look after all of the courses and CASI programs running in your region. Their exceptional local knowledge within the various regions and the resorts we partner with will allow them to best meet the needs of the membership. This crew manages the course and member sessions schedule along with the evaluators who run those programs so if you’re looking for something specific, get in touch!

“Office” Staff

  • Cathy Genge – Office Manager and Foreign Courses Coordinator ( Cathy is handing off the coordination of Level 2 and 3 programs to the Regional Coordinators but will keep more than busy managing our National office and Foreign courses. Cathy is also the only person that actually works in the office!
  • Lewis Hopps – Courses and Membership Administrator ( Lewis is the man behind all of our registrations, membership payments and managing your member profiles.
  • Jeff Chandler – Director of Education and Programs ( Jeff is the one behind all of our technical materials, course content and our new online learning modules. Jeff also oversees the Nation Technical Team.
  • Simon Holden – Executive Director/CEO ( Simon works closely with the Board of Directors to set the direction and goals of our organization. Simon also manages the finances and supports the staff in the daily operations of the association.

Board of Directors:

Although not directly involved in the running of CASI, this volunteer team is responsible for the governance of CASI and helps to ensure that the staff are meeting the goals of the organization. These are elected positions and all current members are invited to run for a spot in their region during an election.

On top of all of the more glamorous technical improvements and on snow content we hope that all of this work behind the scenes further reinforces the value of your membership dollars. Our goal is always to be the best association that we can be for you, the members. And we couldn’t do that without you so thanks for your ongoing support and for being a part of what we are striving for.