We hope you are keeping well and keeping the stoke for snowboarding alive! Whether you’re getting your fix through snowboard videos, pursuing another sport, training towards next winter with a specific goal in mind or simply taking a break to refresh the mind and body so you’re ready to go when the snow flies again we know that snowboarding and CASI-ACMS are never far from your mind.

Summer time is never down time around here, and this year is no exception! All of our CASI-ACMS staff have been working hard planning for the 2020-21 season.


As you all know, COVID-19 is still front of mind and a concern for the snow industry as we look towards next winter. We have been working closely with our industry partners, and resort associations to ensure that we are ready to go when we are given the go ahead to do so. It is too early to know what we will be dealing with next season but we are preparing for various different scenarios so we can ensure that our members have the tools to be successful and that we can continue to meet the needs of the resorts. Look for more updates towards the fall when we hopefully have a clearer picture of the emerging landscape.

Member Services

As a member-based association, CASI is always working to provide great value to our members, and that work continues as the temperature rises.

  • We are working with the CSIA to streamline the dues payment process for dual association members. The CSIA will be ready to start accepting membership dues payment for dual members through snowpro.com in early September.
  • We are revamping our Member Sessions program to provide even more opportunities to train with our highest certified instructors and evaluators.
  • We are communicating with our Pro Deal suppliers to ensure continued relationships and even more strong offerings (keep your eyes peeled for some off season deals also!).
  • We are investigating ways to reduce our impact on planet earth by reducing the amount of paper and materials we produce and ship around the world each season. As a result of this we will no longer be offering plastic member cards. We realise that this will be an adjustment for some but it is simply the right thing to do in 2020. Current and paid up members will always be able to print a member card from their member profile page.
  • Dues renewals for 2020-21 are now live on the website.
    • Note: Your membership dues are valid from June 1st to May 31st each year so if you are planning on teaching indoors or overseas before the Canadian winter gets rolling again you’ll need to update your dues before doing so.
    • Paying prior to August 31, 2020, locks you in with no price increase and means you’ll be ready when those pro-deals go live in the fall.
    • For CASI only members, don’t forget about our 2-year option…and save more!
    • Paying early also means no reinstatement fees! So, if you know someone who has let their membership lapse, be a CASI champion and give them a friendly nudge. We want them back!
    • Paying before October 31, 2020 you will automatically be entered into our Early Bird Contest and a chance to win your membership dues free or a cool prize from one of our pro deal suppliers! If you have already paid your dues this season or paid for 2 years last season, you are automatically entered in the Early Bird Contest!

We recognize that these are uncertain times for some people so rest assured that there’s no pressure to pay your dues before you’re ready. Our goal is to make your membership such a great value that you’re better off with it than without it.

  • It’s easy to save far more than your dues in Pro Deals…new board anyone?
  • A free on snow member session is something that every full member should take advantage of every season
  • And of course recognition as a paid up, certified member of one of the world’s leading snowboard instructing associations. Shout it from the rooftops! Be CASI proud!

Technical Updates

On the technical side, the National Technical Team has been busy planning and implementing program updates and improvements for next year:

Course Overview Tool

A course overview chart is being developed, providing a summary of all of our courses to act as a communication tool for staff, instructors, evaluators, and potential CAS I members regarding the process of moving from one course to another. Information will include prerequisites, standards, evaluation methods, components, etc.

Evaluator Training

Watch for a change in format on this year’s Evaluator Training programs, including an updated mandatory online component, as well as altered on-snow training requirements. New for this year, Evaluators will be required to attend one day of on-snow training for each level of certification they wish to teach that year (example: Level 1 Evaluators will complete a 1-day update, Level 2’s will be two days, etc.).

NEW! Trainer Update Days

New for 2020, in conjunction with Evaluator Training we will be offering course update days across the country for CASI members who may not be evaluators (yet) but still want to get the latest info on course content. These days will be open to all CASI members Level 2 and up.

Online Learning

A big focus for next season will be moving much of our theory information from all courses to an online platform, allowing us to spend the time on courses on the snow, working on practical skills. Watch for a new and improved presentation of online courses coming in the fall!

Mandatory Riding Maneuvers

Following the lead of the Level 3 and 4 exams, starting this year, Level 1 and 2 courses will also include mandatory riding maneuvers, as a means of evaluating riding skills in addition to the on-going overall skill evaluation. Specific maneuvers are still in development, but will align with existing course riding standards.

Reference Guide Updates

The CASI Reference Guide is undergoing numerous edits, updates, and a facelift. Watch for the new guide to be available via your member profile in late summer.

National Technical Team Selections

The current Technical Team’s term will expire at the end of the 2021 season. Team selection events will be held during the 2020-2021 season. Watch for details on the selection process coming in the fall.

Stay tuned to our social media channels in the coming months for updates on all the improvements for the 2020-21 season!