As part of our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan: The Three Trails of Excellence, the Board of Directors recently recommended a few bylaw updates. The changes reflect the need for the modernization of CASI’s governance structure – including Board make-up, bylaws updates, and articles of incorporation changes.

Overview of the recommended changes:

  • General drafting/style changes meant to modernize the language and terms used (e.g.: “chair” instead of “chairman”). 
  • Membership category clarification regarding regular (active) members being the only voting membership type, and supporter / associate member types being non-voting.
  • President / Executive director clarification specifying these are two separate roles.
  • The most substantive proposed changes related to the composition of the Board and term lengths, and include*:
    • the addition of a seventh Board position, appointed by the Board; 
    • the addition of a third possible three-year term for Directors;
    • the adjustment of Board election dates to fall roughly in line with yearly AGM’s; 
    • the reduction of member supporters for Board nominations form 10 members to two; 
    • retaining the Board’s ability to extend the term of one or more Directors for up to one year, if required.

*The primary rationale for these Board governance changes was to ensure that CASI can attract and retain Directors for a longer period who have demonstrated commitment to the organization. The Board is trying to achieve the optimal balance between the principle of regular Board ‘turnover’ and recognition of the need to maintain organizational knowledge and experience.

As a result, a Special General Meeting of the members was held on September 21, 2023. This special meeting was held to allow members to vote on approval of such proposed changes as mandated by and in accordance with the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

The meeting was well-attended by members and, as a result, all proposed bylaw and articles changes were passed.  The CASI Board of Directors thanks all members present for their input and involvement, and looks forward to work on your behalf in continuing to carry out the key objectives listed in our strategic plan.

signature.jpgJeff Chandler 
Executive Director