Developing the Training Mindset: Physical training is a lot like snowboarding; progression requires practice, discipline, focus and some playtime for experimentation. While what you do for your training is important, how you mentally approach your training is just as crucial.

Before beginning a training session it is essential to have a plan and some goals for your workout. Think about the movements, muscle groups and energy systems you want to develop and create a sequence to follow. Having a plan will help make the most of your time and help keep you on track. If you’re working out in a gym, keep the plan flexible so you can work around other people.

The first step in any session should be a warm up to get your blood pumping and your muscles firing. This warm up should also help you turn your attention from the distractions of life towards your body and your goals for the session.

As you do each exercise in your routine, try to be clear on what muscles you are going to target and what your ideal technique should look like. Next you must ensure that you are willing to gradually push yourself past your comfort zone in order to obtain some gains from the exercise. Having a training partner or a personal trainer is a huge help to keep you motivated and check your technique.

Finally, you should consider your training to be a seriously fun activity. Focus, work hard, and remember to enjoy the process. Take pleasure in all of the struggles and triumphs big and small. Experiment, try new things, and challenge yourself and your friends.

If you want more information on what types of exercises you should be doing, please drop me an e-mail, I’m happy to help.

John Smits
CASI Level 4
CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer
Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan TEC Rep