We are excited to introduce Health Plus insurance and the excellent comprehensive health benefit plans now available to all CASI-ACMS members and families. When you’re active, on the slopes and off, year-round, at any life and career stage, good insurance for routine and unexpected expenses helps take care of your health and your finances. That’s why we’ve done our homework to bring you this new benefit of your CASI-ACMS membership.

Your Health Plus member plan starts where your provincial plan stops. In Canada we’re fortunate that government plans pay for doctor visits, hospital stays, and some drugs for some of us. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough even for everyday care, let alone injury or illness. Health Plus Insurance plans provide the more complete protection everyone should have. Due to RAMQ provincial regulations, plans for Quebec residents differ from the Health Plus plans for members in the rest of Canada.

Wherever you reside, with your CASI-ACMS member plan you can count on the same excellent service and plan advantages.

  • QUALITY COVERAGE Health and Paramedical Services including physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage, Dental, Vision, Ambulance, Medical Supplies ,Travel Health Emergency and much more. Prescription Drugs to $30,000 per person per year
  • FLEXIBILITY Cover just yourself, your partner, or whole family. Choose from two plan options to suit budget and needs. Take your plan with you if you change where you work.
  • AFFORDABILITY Best value, superior coverage at lower rates, from $89 /month. With insurance you pay a small, monthly amount you can budget for instead of a crushing big bill that comes with accident or illness. Insurance is tax-deductible if you’re self-employed.
  • SIMPLICITY Easy on-line claims. Simple health questionnaire to apply, no medical tests.
  • OPTIONS If you need a no-medical-questions-asked plan due to health history or current high bills, Health Plus offers those too + Disability, Critical Illness and Life insurance.
  • EXPERT.ADVICE and personal service from a family firm

The best time to buy insurance is when you’re healthy. We encourage you to take a look at your new CASI-ACMS Member plan.

Canada –wide (except Quebec)

Quebec Residents