On February 28th 2018, CASI was recognized and honoured on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, when our Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, most graciously accepted an Honourary Level 4 status and a Lifetime membership in our Association, granted to him by the Board of Directors of CASI. It was indeed an exulted platform for recognition of CASI, while at the same time, in the Prime Minister’s words, “a great honour for him”. What follows is the historical background, and synopsis of what transpired on this momentous occasion.

In June of 2016 the Board of Directors of CASI created an “Honorary Level 4 certification”, which award is coupled with a life time membership in CASI. This honourary tribute is intended to recognize individuals who are, or were involved in the teaching of the sport of snowboarding, and who by their words, actions, and/or other significant means have displayed publically in Canada and/or abroad their passion and love for the sport of snowboarding and the instructional aspects thereof. There are no riding or teaching pre-requisites attached to this honourary status.

In the fall of 2016, Walter Traub, CASI’s long standing legal counsel and member of the Board of Directors, put forth the name of the Rt. Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, as a candidate for this award. This nomination was a most appropriate selection, as the Prime Minister has time and again, in his book “Common Ground” and in many interviews and public speaking engagements in Canada and abroad, with pride and passion identified himself as a snowboarder and a snowboard instructor. The Board agreed that Mr. Trudeau would be the ideal candidate to be the first recipient of this award and unanimously approved his nomination. What followed was the elusive task of establishing a fixed date and venue for presentation of the Award, given the Prime Minister’s extremely busy and forever changing schedule. The nomination and approval aspects, according to Walter Traub “went as smoothly as a cruise down a perfectly groomed run, however the task of reaching Mr. Trudeau and scheduling time to present him with this honour, was more akin to a descent down a double black diamond mogul field”. Walter was subjected to most thorough security protocols and clearances, both prior to and upon arrival on Parliament Hill, but as Walter put it : “…all in the interest of security and for a most worthy cause.” The event finally materialized on February 28th, 2018 at 3:30 pm, at the Prime Minister’s office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. In Walter’s own words:

“It was a moment to behold. The Prime Minister was larger than life, most engaging, charming and generous of his time. He made it seem as if nothing but CASI mattered at that moment. He spoke about CASI and its teaching methodologies from a point of knowledge and understanding. He was curious and genuinely interested in our Association. He congratulated CASI on the “Quick Ride” program, and his perceived merits of it. He accepted the Award with great humility and gratitude. He donned the CASI evaluator jacket presented to him and freely posed for photos. He was most gracious in accepting the award and thanked CASI for bestowing this honour upon him. He reiterated with great enthusiasm his love of snowboarding and how he would like nothing better than to get out on snow with us now.”

This event was a momentous ride for CASI and its members on the ultimate of all hills, “Parliament Hill”. The gracious acceptance of this award by the PM stands as clear attestation and endorsement of CASI’s status as the foremost leader in the fields of snowboard instruction and accreditation. We genuinely and with great pride welcome the Prime Minister to our Association.

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Walter Traub
CASI Board of Directors