After a round of on-line applications in January 2024 and subsequent, on-snow selections in Mont Tremblant & Lake Louise this April, CASI is pleased to announce the latest group selected to help represent our association, and guide the technical direction of our programs and courses. 

After a careful and calculated selection process, we are pleased to present Michelle Clifford, Jamie Forbes, James Hyland, Nicolas Verly, Melissa DaSilva & Jake Boling, who will make up the team for the next 4 year term.

Coached by our Program Director, Gen Pilotto, the National Technical Team provides input to the CASI Board of Directors on matters regarding teaching and technical methodology, course standards, course content, as well as technical programs. Also, the team is a group for the membership to aspire to and is involved in the presentation of courses, member development sessions, Evaluator Training, and other programs as needed.

*The Team structure allows for appointed members, which will be decided as required during this NTT Team term.

CASI is both stoked and proud to welcome each of these individuals to the National Technical Team and looks forward to their professional input as we push our technical agenda forward!