On behalf of the CASI Board of Directors, we would like to provide the following update regarding the Alberta Board seat.

Andrew Manuel has resigned from his seat on the CASI Board of Directors as of Feb 22, 2023. CASI would like to recognize Andrew for his commitment and investment as a volunteer on the Board. Andrew was a key part of many transitional changes in our association, including navigating the exit from the COVID pandemic, and the change in leadership at the Executive Director position. We thank Andrew, and wish him all the best in his future projects.

As you know, CASI is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The Board helps to shape and direct the current practices and future development of snowboard instruction in Canada by setting the overall strategic priorities. With Andrew’s exit, the Board now requires a temporary replacement to fill the Alberta Board seat for the remainder of his term (until November 2024). As per the association bylaws, the Board of Directors may fill the seat by appointing a suitable replacement as soon as is required.

At this time, the Board of Directors is seeking applications from interested candidates to fill the Alberta seat on the National Board of Directors. Once a list of applicants has been compiled, the Board will screen and select a suitable replacement.

CASI’s Board of Directors acts as a ‘policy’ Board, providing strategic direction and planning and clear policies for operations. Responsibility for the day-to-day operations and achieving results are the responsibility of the Executive Director. 

Specific responsibilities of the Board lie in the areas of: 

  1. Strategic Planning and Priorities
  2. Policies and Procedures 
  3. Management and Human Resources 
  4. Fiduciary Responsibility 
  5. Business Management 

The Board of Directors concentrates on providing leadership and direction to the organization through clearly articulated policies and goals. The Board will allow the Executive Director to administer operations and will not involve itself in management decisions or in the day-to-day operations of CASI. Additionally, technical / course or program-related decisions and management will be handled by the Program Director with support from the Executive Director and with input by volunteer technical committee members (National Technical Team).

Procedure for Applying
Board members are required to be CASI members in good standing, and must reside in the region that they are representing. Specific skills, experience and attributes may be desired by the existing Board based on current projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Legal
  • Financial / accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
  • Business Development

If you have an interest in giving back to your association as a volunteer, and have skills, experience or background in any of the above areas please forward a letter of interest and short biography to:

Jeff Chandler, Executive Director
Email: jeff@casi-acms.com

Applications will be accepted until April 7, 2023.