With an epic day of travelling behind us we were ready to hit the slopes today in Pamporovo!

Today was all about getting some time on the demo slope, getting our bodies used to moving again, and re-familiarizing ourselves with the formations we would be riding in during our demonstration runs and the opening and closing ceremonies.

The excitement of the event is also building as we catch up with old friends and colleagues from around the world, and watch the other teams finalizing their runs.

As I watch the other teams dialing in their runs, I find myself analyzing their technique and watching how they move on their boards. This to me is one of the biggest benefits of Interski and also why we put so much effort into our own demo runs. Our aim is not to be in perfect sync but rather to showcase the Canadian technique through the various turn shapes. The opportunity to watch and ride with some of the top instructors from across the globe helps us to analyze our own technique and approaches against what others are demonstrating. This helps us to see where we are excelling and where others are perhaps having greater success. Through this we can continue to strive to leaders in snowsports instruction. I’ve already seen some interesting things and am looking forward to following up on some of those observations and deepening my understanding throughout the event.