Full name and discipline/role at Interski: 

Jeff Chandler, CASI National Technical Coordinator & Team Head Coach/Manager 

Do you have a nickname we should be using? 


Where, at what age and on what kind of plank(s) did you start sliding? 

Calgary (ya, C.O.P.!), age 3-ish? Started with skis, and progressed to snowboarding around 12 years old. Have been snowboarding ever since. 

What’s your home resort now? 

Big White, BC 

What other certifications do you have in the sliding sports world? Other worlds? 

CASI-only, but also some coaching certs (NSSP, CSCP). 

First time on the team? 

This will be my fourth Interski. I’ve been fortunate to attend South Korea, St Anton, Ushuaia, and now Bulgaria. Each location has had its own flair, and pro’s and con’s but it’s always a great experience, with great people…lifelong memories. 

Tell us one thing that really gets you excited about Interski 2019: 

Presenting a strong Canadian contingent of Canadian sliders! 

What do you hope to get out of Interski 2019? 

A strong showing from our CASI snowboarders on the demo slope and workshop presentations, and some good info from the other snowboard-teaching nations to bring back and improve our own programs. 

Your claim to fame? 

I turn right really good (still working on the lefts!). Just ask Luc, he’ll tell you. 

Tell us something funny or interesting about you that not many of us know: 

I may or may not have the best beard on the Canadian team…just sayin’. 

Looking forward to sliding with everyone in Bulgaria!!