This indoor lecture started with a run down of the local grassroots snowsports education program. An add-on to the local high school curriculum aimed towards providing students with knowledge, tools and certifications to prepare the for work experience inside and outside of the snow industry. They started the lecture off with a survey that we all did to give us a baseline idea of what this was going to be about. We will provide the link at the end of this summary.

They then ran us through some inactive and collaborative workshops that helped form discussion points that they then used as feedback to help improve their programming.

Key take always:

  • Snowsports as a professional career path isn’t seen as a valid way to create a living.
  • Environmental concerns in terms of sustainability
  • Large part of the market is based on consumerism
  • The industry helps build life long communication skills that are translatable
  • Early integration of our youth into the environment will help build a more solid sustainable base
  • Learn to live like an athlete
  • Snowsports industry can help build and develop a love for nature and our environment when youth is introduced at a young age. Eg: going to places with no cell reception being “unplugged”

Here are some of the thought provoking slides that where presented.

Here is the survey please feel free to fill it out with your own thoughts, they will be collecting data until the end of April.

James Hyland, Adam Gardner