Snowboarding requires a unique blend of physical capacities to manage the forces at play while surfing down the slopes. Snowboarding at an advanced level requires a coordinated mix of strength, power, agility, mobility, muscular endurance and cardio vascular fitness. By adding some variety or a different focus to your regular activities, you can help ensure that you’re ready to get the most out of this winter season.

Recreational athletes typically overlook rotational and lateral motion while training. Moving left or right and twisting (or resisting against twisting) are key components for developing strength and fitness that translate to sport. This concept is especially important for snowboarding to help manage the rotational and fore/aft pressure created when riding.

There are a growing number of fitness practitioners that preach the importance of functional training and natural movement patterns. These programs usually involve lots of multi joint exercises done with some lateral and rotational movements to create a multitude of possibilities. Instagram is a nearly endless rabbit hole of trainers applying these concepts with resistance bands, kettle bells or body weight exercises. Here are a few posts that can help inspire you to try something new or creative in your own movement practice:

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En ce “Jour du skateboard”, voici la capsule numéro 3 effectué en collaboration avec mon partenaire @defi_hors_piste OBJECTIF: ➡Développer la capacité de dissocier le haut, du bas du corps, tout en gardant l’équilibre lors d’un mouvement sur un pied et avec résistance. Exemple: Atterrissage avec plus de poids sur une des deux jambes et lorsque vous poussez du pied pour avancer. RÉPÉTITIONS: ➡3×15 sur chaque jambe Bon SKATE DAY à tous Vous avez essayer l’exercice ? Mentionner le en commentaires Pour plus d’informations sur le mouvement ou les exercices spécifiques à l’un des sports de planche, n’hésitez pas à m’ecrire au ou bien à visiter le Au plaisir «The board sports trainer» ⛷️ Thanks à: Phil casabon aka the model @f_o_jutras @crossfit.shawinigan @rsmedia @defi_hors_piste Bonne ÉVOLUTION #xgames #core #gainage #resistancebands #rom #coreexercice #fitforskate #defihorspiste #stability #gym2skate #warmup #warmup4skate #specifictraining #skateboardtraining #skateday #skatemeetgym #skateboard #skateevents #skateboardcamp @canadaskateboard

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For some simple ways to incorporate lateral and rotational movements, try adding the following moves to your warm up or cool down routines. Descriptions and demos for these exercises can all be found through a quick search online.

  • lateral shuffle (20 meters each – the left/right, 2 sets)
  • karaoke (20 meters each to the left/right, 2 sets)
  • walking lunge with a twist (20 meters each – forwards and backwards, 2 sets)
  • side lunges or Cossack squats (alternating sides, 20 reps)
  • banded trunk rotations & wood choppers (10 reps per side)
  • windmills or crail & seatbelt twists (alternating sides, 20 reps)
  • Banded walks and side shuffles (10 meters each direction, repeat until its hard and then do some more)
  • side plank (30-60 seconds per side, 2 sets each side)
  • bicycle crunches (30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest 4 minutes)

As with any physical activity, you must ensure that you are in reasonable health so that you are not causing harm or risking injury. If you have previous injuries that may limit performance be sure to consult a physio therapist before starting any new activities.

Stay tuned for more fitness foundation tips to help you progress your riding by shining some light on various areas of physical health and fitness. A little time investment now can go a long way to helping you reach your goals this winter. Remember to train with intention, play with purpose and have fun.


John Smits
BC East / Alberta Regional Coordinator